Majinoors($MOR) Whitepaper

First 404 LP Printoor

100% of Mint proceeds automatically burned into LP

Supported artist royalties for trading

1 $MOR = 1 $MOR

Project Overview

Majinoors is a project created by the majin community to support the majin ecosystem. The people wanted a 404, so we created one :)


Minting will start at TBD

1650 $MOR are set aside for minting

0.1 $AVAX per $MOR

Max mint is set to 5 per wallet for WL Phase and unlimited for Public Phase

All Mint proceeds will automatically be added to the LP and burnt


Whitelisted participants will be announced and snapshot will be taken 3 hours before launch.

Select $majin holders and other active 404 communities will be eligible.

LP Printoor

Trading fees on the 404 LP will be in effect the first 3 days of trading.

5% 3% buy and sell fees will be equally distributed to $MOR holders in the form of $MAJIN/$AVAX LP

We hope to bolster the LP for $majin to support long term growth of the $majin memecoin


5% 3% buy tax / 3% sell tax / 0% p2p

Reflection taxes will be in effect the first 3 days of trading. Trading volume on reflection tokens tend to die down after initial launch, so to onboard new users after this initial phase, we plan stop reflections.

Artist Funds

33 $MOR initially minted to the artist. Be on the look out for giveaways and mor :)

There will also be an artist royalty of 0.5% on Dex swaps, and 5.0% on NFT marketplaces that support royalties. These royalties will likely be used to create community partnerships to support the majin ecosystem

Additional Resources

CA: 0xB528F3171bcdd1F5eE578fa7a2aAEa75ce945094